A Day in the Desert

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A modern odyssey that takes us from the inner city to outer space and back.

Award winning Clown Theater

Winner of a 2013 Encore Ovation Award

in South Africa’s Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

Performed in Schools, Theaters and Festivals. Toured South Africa and California.


The story revolves around two friends.  Fiona, is an upright, unadventurous citizen who is afraid to set foot beyond her front door. On this day, Andromeda, her extroverted adventurous friend persuades Fiona to join her on an adventure.


In no time they are up in an airplane, headed for the Kalahari Desert…



“A very entertaining show… whimsical, playful, energetic and unique… two very talented and dynamic female artists. Not to be missed!”       

   Emily Bernard Coonerty Santa Cruz, USA


“These performers bring imagination to play. Be prepared to smile, chuckle, and thoroughly enjoy the time spent being entertained by these two very talented artists.”  

Hannah Lathan, Speech Pathologist,  USA


“Told with an inventive playfulness that engages a contemporary audience, they explore serious issues with disarming naïveté and artistic generosity, without becoming preachy, self-indulgent or predictable. ” 

Audience Member,  South Africa


These issues are global warming, death, and loss of the natural world.

This show is appropriate for all audiences but most appreciated by conversant English speakers 8 years and up.

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 From one of the most dynamic and adventurous theatre making teams in South Africa, Jenine Collocott and Nick Warren comes a theatrical collaboration with German actress and concert harpist Barbara Draeger.

 After studying in Florence for three years together under master pedagog Giovanni Fusetti, Jenine Collocot and Barbara Draeger have teamed up with internationally awarded writer, Nick Warren. Together they share a story of magical realism that takes you from the confines of the inner city to the freedom of outer space and back.

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This show is available now for booking.


Currently available in English, but plans for a French version are in progress.


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